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There are two basic ways to spin an article. One is manually and the other is by using article spinning software. Article spinning software has been around for over 10 years. The basic idea of article spinning software is to create a new article from an article that has already been written by simply replacing words with their synonyms. The only problem with this is that sometimes when you replace words with their synonyms the overall meaning of the article is lost. Many article spinning software programs provide the writer the ability to replace whole sentences, phrases, and words. You can purchase the software for less than 100 dollars.

In recent years article spinning software has become much more user-friendly. It is easy to copy and paste articles into the program then simply, identify certain synonyms, replace those words, and proofread. Then you will have a totally different article. However, it is very important to be sure that the meaning of your piece is kept pure. This can be done by spinning the article sentence by sentence and then replacing words in the article that are out of place. When used correctly article spinning software is a beneficial tool. For instance, if you are writing an article you can copy and paste the article into your article spinning software, identify your synonyms, and replace any make your article more readable.

In the end it would probably take less time to write an original article. However if you are a company that is looking to create content for you website then this software may be beneficial because you can quickly create a couple hundred unique articles on the same subject within a very short amount of time. Always remember to proofread your articles.


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