How long do you think?

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Question: In this article it says that Harbhajan MAY be banned for either…5 test matches,10 One day Internationals OR be BANNED for life….http://au.sports.yahoo.com/cricket/news/article/-/2826588/indian-spinner-harbhajan-faces-ban-slapping-row

Which do you think the most appropriate punishment?…

And yes i would love to say Ban him for life,but we have to look at this single incident-not past offensive behavious…
Well i would say ban him from the 5 test matches….That should get up his nose enough for him to realise he is an Idiot….
Monti,i did’nt say Ban him for life..I said i would love to say that,but this is judged by last weeks incident..Like i said ban him from the Tests,i agree a life ban is not waranted–This time anyway…lol


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